Many students think it is easy to get a good scholarship. However, they don’t know that getting a scholarship need effort. The scholarship process becomes overwhelming if someone doesn’t know how the common requirements. Therefore, students find it challenging to obtain a good scholarship. However, this article can make it easy for students to know about the common requirements of the scholarship.


Transcripts are the fundamental requirement for getting a scholarship as they will present a copy of the grades. Therefore, many tutoring agencies give importance to grades and academics for a scholarship. A true copy of the high school transcript can be good enough for a college scholarship application. Moreover, different scholarships have different grade cut-offs. Therefore, it is important to shortlist the scholarship according to the grade cut-offs.


Many scholarships demand essays with the application. The topic of the essay will depend on the scholarship. Mostly, the students have to write an essay for proving they are deserving candidates. The students need to get creative while writing the essays. A creative essay can stand out. Therefore, students should practice the essays on various topics related to the specific courses.

The Letter of Intent

The students get confused when the scholarship doesn’t demand essays. Instead, they ask for a letter of intent. The two of them might sound similar. However, the essays and letters of intent have different tones of writing. Experts suggest students must put in creativity while writing their essays. However, a letter of intent is written with a straightforward mode of conduct. It needs to be formal and direct. It is important to look for these requirements when applying for scholarships like the Elks most valuable student scholarship.


Some scholarships ask for certification from the school authority. The certification states the final average grade or the overall cumulative GPA. Moreover, it should also include the equivalent grade from the previous school. Furthermore, some scholarships ask students for non-academic certifications. These certifications indicate achievements, community involvement, leadership experience, and accountability. Students can attend seminars, conduct talks, and more. They are perfect for creating an impressive portfolio for acquiring a scholarship.

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